Eyewear trends in 2021 are centered on originality, expressivity, and timeless designs. People are seeking versatile lenses with elegant, subtle features.

There has been a definite move away from the dark rectangles that were ubiquitous a few years ago.

The runways are still celebrating the 70s with retro-inspired silhouettes like Miu Miu’s bright-colored frames. We are also seeing a classic cat-eye shape, but with a modern update with a narrower, angular shape or a reflective or colored tint. Designers are mining iconic vintage styles for looks from the 70s, 80s and 90s for a new fresh audience, as well.

Frames in general have gotten larger, rounder and deeper than in recent years. There are also touches of vivid colour and beautifully layered chunky acetates in feminine, masculine and unisex styles, with modified round and statement-making geometric shapes coming to the forefront.

Here are some eyewear trends for 2021 to help you update and elevate your look!



Aviators are a classic shape and will never go out of style. Update them with subtly coloured lenses.


Sojos Cat Eye Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($20)

As our world becomes more and more virtual, it’s important to invest in a good pair of blue-light glasses to prevent damage from the glow emanating from our devices.


Image from EBAY, Miu Miu

Lately we’ve seen very creative releases by eyewear brands across the world that include angular polygonal shapes. These geometric silhouettes can work for a variety of face shapes. “Pentagons, hexagons, diamonds and octagons are the most common, which can mimic a rectangular, cat-eye or round frame but with much more flare,” says Goo Goo Goggles.

“Think a classic cat-eye shape, but with a modern update with a narrower, angular shape or the notorious aviator with a reflective or colored tint,” says Mayfair Optometric.


Image from Vogue, Miu Miu

The days when just black or tortoiseshell glasses can suffice for everyone are long gone. “These days while half of our face is covered, we’re seeing more folks lean toward colourful frames to express their personality,” says GOO GOO Goggles.  Many brands are using combinations of materials to create a dramatic contrasting effect or complementary colour-blocking plastics with vibrant hues.

“Soft crystal and blush tones are popular,” says Mayfair Optometric. “We are seeing a strong trend in the “Illuminating” Yellow and “Ultimate” Grey, Pantone colours of 2021, ” says ArtSEE Eyewear



“Eyeglasses seem to be going to extremes: if you want bold, then go with very thick and dramatic plastic frames,” says Goo Goo Goggles. These chunky styles have added depth and allure as the translucent acetates collect and reflect light. And yet, the same frame when opaque can be a mysterious glam pair of sunglasses or that iconic editorial look.