by Darcy Dommett of Studio 4 Athletics

Here are 5 metabolic booster movements to get a quick start on cutting the lockdown weight gain. This workout should only take 40 minutes and can be repeated every other day for the first month.

Take a moment to feel into your body, stand tall as you inhale and feel your weight in your feet as you exhale. Repeat for 10 breaths. 

Ok let’s get down on the floor for active plank push-ups – these are done from the knees to decrease effort and allow more core focused work. With wide hand placement lower your body in 2 counts and push up for 1 count. Exhale during the push up and squeeze your abs. Advanced – lower for 4 counts, push up for over 2 counts. Perform this exercise 3 sets of your maximum reps before losing core control. 

Next up : the Sumo Squat – stand in a wide stance, feet and knees pointing out at a 45 degree angle. Beginning sitting back and down as you keep your eyes straight ahead. Press into the floor and squeeze you legs and hips as you rise to standing.  To make this more challenging add a weight you can hold in your hands between your legs. 3 sets of 12-15 ! 

The Filthy Fifty – 50 side crunches on each side.

Regular crunches – 50 leg lifts from your back. However you want to break these up is fine. Just do them.

Super Person – Grab a mat to be comfy. Face down arms and legs stretched out. Raising arms and legs simultaneously from the ground and holding top position for 1 count. Lower down slowly and repeat for 5-15 reps. Push back into “ child’s pose to decompress lower back 30 seconds repeat for 2-3 sets. Each time hold “ child’s pose” longer. On the last set stay in child’s pose until you’re ready to get back to your day.