6 Wake-up Apps From Gentle to Annoying

Here are a few apps to help you wake up in the best way for your sleep type.

1  Rise & Shine 

Rise & Shine wakes you up naturally by gradually increasing the light on your phone and displaying a picture of nature — meaning you don’t have to worry about all those jarring alarm sounds or waking up in the dark.

2  Gentle Alarm 

This app tries to wake you up in your lightest cycle by playing a quiet pre-alarm you can only hear if you are in light sleep. It gradually increases in intensity until you wake up. The pre-alarm time can be adjusted within a 30-minute time frame.

3  Walk Me Up

To turn this alarm off, just get up and walk 15 steps. Don’t try to fool it by shaking your phone. If it detects shaking, it will reset your step count.

4  Alarmy 

“The world’s most annoying alarm” requires you to complete a certain task, such as solving a math problem or snapping a photo in order to make it stop ringing.

5  Wake N Shake Alarm Clock

With this app, you can only turn your alarm off by shaking your phone. Its motto? “No snooze button. No mercy.” Plus it also works for short naps, so you won’t get stuck in deep sleep.

6  Uhp 

Is the threat of public shame the one thing that will persuade you to get up on time? Uhp will refuse to turn your alarm off if you don’t get out of bed when the alarm is going off and it will post to your social media to let everyone know how lazy you’re being.

This article is from the July/August 2019 issue of YAM.