7 Strategies to Organize your Pantry

By Nessa Pullman

“In many ways the pantry is the exact opposite of a clothing closet,” according to the authors of The Home Edit. “There’s nothing emotional about almond flour and cashews, so decision making should come easily …”

1. Measure your space so you can choose organizer materials that take advantage of every inch.

2. Invest in organizational tools such as clear bins and cannisters, risers, dividers and Lazy Susans.

3. Take everything out and group it into piles as you go (such as breakfast, dinner and snacks).

4. Organize the remaining piles into the containers you purchased.

5. Remove as much packaging as possible so it fits easily into clear storage containers.

6. Group “like” items such as sauces, spices and condiments.

7. Systematically arrange the groupings in your space so that it makes sense for your household. Keep heavy items at an accessible height.

This list is adapted from The Home Edit. 

This article is from the March/April 2019 issue of YAM.