AUSCA Dental is Shattering the Stereotype

For many, the mere thought of a dental appointment can evoke a wave of anxiety. It’s a narrative many of us are familiar with — dental anxieties that stem from past negative experiences or simply the fear of the unknown.

Introducing AUSCA Dental, where Dr. Braden Zoon and Dr. Denysse Zoon are on a mission to redefine the dental experience. It’s not just about fixing teeth; it’s about changing perceptions and breaking down barriers to create a welcoming, comfortable environment for every patient who walks through their doors. Their clinic is environmentally conscious, featuring advancements such as a living wall for purifying air and hospital-grade HEPA air filtration to ensure a clean environment.

AUSCA Dental proudly presents the concept of “Dentistry Evolved” — a philosophy that seamlessly merges advanced technology with a compassionate touch. From the moment patients arrive, they are
greeted with an atmosphere designed to calm nerves and soothe anxieties. Their modern facilities reflect their commitment to excellence, boasting advanced technology such as their digital X-rays, a next-generation cone-beam computed tomography machine and intraoral scanners. This technology
not only streamlines procedures but also minimizes discomfort. Do you struggle with tooth sensitivity? No problem! They use the EMS Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) system for a more comfortable dental cleaning.

Whether it’s a routine cleaning or more complex dental treatment, patients can trust they are receiving top-tier care. “Everyone was very kind and professional at Ausca Dental. The equipment is very modern and it was evident that great care was taken to make a patient feel at ease. Dr. Braden Zoon was very skilled and my filling replacement was completed very quickly and pain free.” — Brad J. If the idea of visiting the dentist fills you with unease, allow AUSCA Dental to introduce you to a different side of dentistry — one that is gentle, compassionate and dedicated to your comfort. Take that important step toward a healthier smile and book your appointment today.

New patients and emergencies are always welcome. Same day appointments are available. Call 250-419-8484 to book.