A Room of One’s Own

Aux Box free-standing room
Aux Box free-standing room

If the past year of everything-from-home and cramped households has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t take our alone time for granted. Plus, many of us no longer have a commute to delineate between work and home life.

These are just two of the reasons Parkville-based Aux Box has seen a surge of interest in its pre-fabricated, free-standing rooms.

“We no longer need to educate the market on why delivering a home office to their backyard is a good idea— especially when we typically spend less than eight hours on site in total,” says cofounder Landon Sheck.

“Most [of the units] are being used as office spaces … we have some larger units that are self-contained nightly rentals, yoga studios and gyms. Each customer makes it their own. We’re always excited to hear the stories of increased productivity, proximity to nature — with all the glass — and even how it’s an escape from the house for parents.”