Banish Bad Vibes - YAM - Mar/Apr 2023

As you go through your spring-cleaning checklist, don’t forget the windows, walls, closets, floors and — oh, yes, the energy. 

“After you clean out the physical space it’s great to go in and clean out the energetic space,” says Amy Joy Mistal, owner of SOUL EASE Professional Organizing. Just as cleaning out clutter makes you feel lighter and less stressed, she adds, so does refreshing a room’s energy. 

An herbalist, postpartum doula and professional organizer and declutterer, Mistal got into energy cleaning when she started smudging her own space after difficult meetings. “I would notice how it would shift my mood and my energy. It made such a difference for me, I started offering it to my clients as well,” she says.

She recommends doing an energy cleanse once or twice a year, and definitely if you’ve moved into a new home or gone through a major life transition, or if someone was sick or died in your space, or if there was a lot of conflict in it. 

 To do this she follows three steps:

• Break up any lingering bad energy. 
• Freshen the air. Open windows to let the bad energy out, and add fragrance with either a bundle of smouldering herbs or a spritz of essential oils. “Scent can uplift and change your mood. It can improve your sleep and it can reduce stress and anxiety,” she says.
• Change the tune — literally — with chimes, bells, hand drums or even song. 

“I love bringing this other aspect in after we’ve done the physical declutter,” Mistal adds.