Barber & Fritz Small-Batch Hair Products Have a Big Style Impact

The small-batch, hand-bottled hair-care line by hairstylist Ila Meens is having some big international moments.

Photo by Belle White // YAM

After years as a hairstylist and salon owner, Ila Meens wanted to create something she couldn’t find in the industry — a female-owned hair-care line that catered to creatively driven artists.

“I wanted to make something that was curated and beautiful that you can put on display,” she says. “It needed to be artistic, as well as beautiful and useful and purposeful.” 

Made in Victoria, her small-batch, hand-bottled hair-care line has had some big international moments, garnering a cult following by professionals working in the arts and the film industry. It’s been used by the hairstylists at New York Fashion Week, as well as for television shows Schitt’s Creek and Saturday Night Live, Amazon Prime series Modern Love, and movies, including Sofia Coppola’s On the Rocks and Netflix’s Woman In The Window.

“A lot of these [hair] artists find us through social media and Instagram and contact me to request a kit,” Meens says. “Being part of the Sofia Coppola project was absolutely my favourite because I have loved her probably since Godfather III. I love what she does, so to be part of anything on that set was really cool.”