COSGRAVE CONSTRUCTION: Building Amazing Things

Cograve Construction - BP Jan 2024
Photo By: Jody Beck.


In 2013, Paul Cosgrave founded Cosgrave Construction, a custom home builder and full-service construction company that offers general contracting, project management and consulting for homeowners considering builds or renovations.

Since then, Cosgrave Construction has become an award-winning builder with successes in the areas of passive houses, multi-residential and custom home markets. “Ideas and solutions come quickly to us and it has always been one of the more enjoyable parts of doing custom homes,” says Paul. “We focus on efficiency and scopes so we can plan ahead and drive our schedules. We are proficient at shifting gears and thinking outside the box in order to find solutions and fine-tune our ideas quickly and effectively.”

Cosgrave Construction understands the importance of defining expectations and doing what it takes to meet and exceed them. “We embrace the design build process from the very beginning to ensure the project is designed within your wants, needs, schedule and budget,” says Paul. “We prefer to begin by engaging with clients at the conception stage because there is a lot to be gained by going through the stages with your contractor from the very beginning.

When budget is a prime factor, it’s imperative that the design has taken it into consideration to avoid the final design instead being what determines the budget. It’s our practice to consider both along the way because that allows clients to have a clear understanding of what they’re getting into without any shocks or surprises, except for how much they’ll love their new space, of course. So, our pre-construction process is invaluable because it can really make your project a lot more predictable.”

Cograve Construction - BP Jan 2024
Photo By: Vince Klassen.

Cosgrave Construction is a team made up of certified carpenters and apprentices who have also made it a priority to develop strong relationships with some of Victoria’s best trades and suppliers. In addition, Paul can bring in excellent local architects and interior designers to create the team that brings your dream home to a reality, and to a number that you’re expecting. 

Says Paul, “Completing each house should be like winning a championship game. Combine hard work, discipline, strategy, care and attention and we should be celebrating each win as a reward for achieving the high level we are shooting for. Every day we work to arrange all the pieces needed to build you a beautiful space, in a way you’d expect.”

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