Design Insider: Expect the Unexpected in 2017

By Lana Lounsbury

Oh, the Organics
From fabrics to furniture to wallpaper, organic is a trend that keeps re-inventing itself. Rattan, cane and abaca add interesting textures to chairs and as cocktail-table and cabinet accents — a nice balance to the marble and metallic surfaces of earlier years. Wallpaper is also part of this movement. For one of my clients, I’ve just finished this beautiful “Fade” hand-painted hemp paper mural from Philip Jeffries. It embodies the spirit of the organic movement trend with its thick, reworked texture and soft colouring.

mr-brown-london-43819-lighting-lighting-chandeliers-wood-metalThe New “Metal”
Brass and gold will remain popular, but do look for white plaster to become the new “metal” in 2017 in high-end lighting fixtures like the St. Tropez artisan chandelier by Mr. Brown of London, inspired by the sculptural artistry of Brancusi. Look also for resin furnishings and home accessories.

20160922111846_lynko-2Tiny Influences
I’m not the only one fascinated by the tiny-house trend. Spurred by high housing prices and a desire to reject the bourgeois and live simply, tiny living has inspired beautiful multi-purpose pieces that marry form and function through simplicity of materials. These ideas work well, whether you’re fighting clutter in a large space or trying to live well in a small space. My favourites include Argentinian architect/designer Natalia Geci’s Lynko system of customizable metal frames and wooden hinges that create innumerable configurations, from hangers to office dividers.   

_MG_2566Lana Lounsbury of Lana Lounsbury Interiors is a Registered Interior Designer who passionately believes interior design is an essential, transformative tool to reinvent oneself throughout life.