District of Highlands records most blooms in Victoria’s Flower Count

Daffodils blooming at Royal Roads University, March, 2021. Photo by Bruce Williams.

It’s official! We counted 65,245,471,605 blooms in Greater Victoria’s 2021 Flower Count.

The 46th Annual Greater Victoria Flower Count took place March 3rd through 10th.

This year, instead of boasting about our early Spring, organizers Destination Greater Victoria and the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce decided to send a bouquet of hope, caring, compassion and comfort to the rest of Canada.

“Our message this year was one of hope, renewal and rejuvenation,” said Paul Nursey, CEO, Destination Greater Victoria.  “We want the rest of the country to know we are thinking of them. When the time is right, we will welcome them to our community again.”

The winner of “Bloomingest” community this year is the District of Highlands, with a total of 30,000,010,397 blossoms counted. The runner-up community this year is the District of Saanich with 23,144,617,119 blossoms counted.

“The District of Highlands is pleased to be the winner of the region’s annual Greater Victoria Flower Count in 2021” said Mayor Ken Williams, District of Highlands. “Highlands is rural in nature and blessed with an abundance of plants indigenous to our community. Highlanders share a commitment to maintaining the natural environment which allows flowers to flourish across the municipality. Thanks to Destination Greater Victoria, the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and all the flower counters in our beautiful region for sharing this year’s bloom.”

Elementary school participation is a major component of Greater Victoria Flower Count. This year’s winning elementary school class is Ms. Susan Holmes’s class at Cordova Bay Elementary School in Saanich. Ms. Holmes’s class counted 1,029,914,087 blossoms.

“Congratulations to Highlands and Ms. Holmes’s class for winning their respective Greater Victoria Flower Count contests,” said Bruce Williams, CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce.  “We are sharing our beautiful blooms and the joy of their splendor and to remind all Canadians that we are in this together. Across Greater Victoria citizens were able to count blooms safely outside with others during the pandemic. All Canadians will be enjoying their own flowers and blossoms soon.”