Nikki Burrows in her living room. Photo by Brittograph.

Entrepreneur Nikki Burrows (@miss_rusticarrow on Instagram) and her husband bought the ugliest house on the block.

With the real estate market skyrocketing in Victoria, the couple could only afford a modest home.“We bought a 1953 home with very good bones and potential just waiting for me to get my hands on it! I instantly fell in love.. .my mind was racing with ideas,” says Nikki.

The Burrows original home. Photo by Nikki Burrows.

The moment they got the keys, the DIYs began.” I’m proud to say now (I think at least), we have the best looking house on our street!”

Nikki has loved design from a very young age. “I remember sponge painting my bathroom when I was in grade 5 or 6! Only now is sponge painting walls ‘trendy,’” she says.

Nikki is drawn to boho textures and styles, rustic, weathered wood, and moody dark palettes; black in particular. She loves the sense of mystery, confidence and adventure of dark palettes and is fond of layering mirrors, area rugs and cozy throws. She’s always relied on her intuition when it comes to design inspiration; she doesn’t follow trends or any particular designer.

Her aesthetic is a perfectly undone layering of textures, patterns and sophisticated palettes. It’s an elegant, laid back eclectic mix of styles.

The Burrows’ updated home. Photo by Nikki Burrows.

“I’ve always followed my heart when it comes to work and honored to call my work my passion.” 

Nikki and her husband believe in styling in such a way that brings joy and happiness the moment they walk in the door. They love the art of blending their individual styles.

“We love uniqueness and incorporating different styles together. I believe our homes should be a reflection of who we are. As with everything in life, getting in touch with your personal decorating style ultimately has to do with tuning into your inner wisdom and trusting your intuition, rather than following the crowd.”

Living Room. Photo by Nikki Burrows.

Nikki’s number one piece of advice in terms of design is to never judge a book by its cover – with love, creativity, and out of the box thinking, you can style your dream home – even on a budget, just like she did.

“Joanna Gaines said this best, “if you can’t find happiness in the ugliness, you’re not going to find it in the beauty either.”  

Dining Room. Photo by Nikki Burrows.