Downtown Victoria is Your Place to be a Change Maker [Video]

Downtown Victoria: Your Place to Be Storytelling Project features unscripted stories of people like Paula & Nairn, who live, work, and play in downtown Victoria.

Former marine biologist Paula and aquaculture technician Nairn have harnessed their passion for environmental sustainability and climate mitigation to launch Vancouver Island’s first zero-waste grocer, the Zero-Waste Emporium. The two started their zero-waste journey by learning to sew their own burlap cloth produce bags on a well-loved, 1946 sewing machine. In 2018, the couple won the ‘Eco-Preneur of the Year’ award, from the Synergy Sustainability Institute. When they’re not at work, you’ll find them out climbing, paddling, diving, or enjoying a hike. Paula and Nairn tell us why downtown Victoria is their place to be changemakers.

This video was created by the Downtown Victoria Business Association for the Your Place to Be Storytelling Project. To see the whole project, click here.