Ebb & Flow makes beautiful jewelry with gems from the sea

Ebb and Flow - YAM Magazine Home Issue 2023
Photo By: Melanie Orr.

Sea glass begins its journey as, basically, garbage: broken bottles, discarded tableware, missing fishing floats, even shipwrecks. But then the ocean’s salt water and restless motion dehydrate, tumble and chemically transform it into softly rounded, misty-coloured, naturally frosted glass.

You can find sea glass on the beach, gleaming green, blue or white amid the pebbles. Or you can pick up one of the pretty silver pieces from Victoria’s Ebb & Flow Handmade Jewelry. Created by artist Megan Hagberg, these necklaces, rings and bracelets are made with sterling silver or gold and sea glass she personally hand picks on the beach. Each piece is set to highlight the shape the ocean created, which means you, too, can be swept away by the force of the sea.

Ebb and Flow - YAM Magazine Home Issue 2023
Ebb & Flow’s sterling silver and sea glass jewelry is designed to let the wearer’s natural beauty shine. Photo By: Melanie Orr.