Oh So Cool: Frozen G&T Cocktail Recipe


Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet; styling by Janice Hidybrant

Tart and refreshing, the classic gin and tonic gets an ultimate summer makeover when made with Empress 1908 Indigo Gin and blended with ice. Handcrafted by Victoria Distillers, the indigo gin gets its bright hue from butterfly pea blossoms; with the addition of citrus or tonic, the bright blue transforms to a soft pink. (Served here in 1960s glassware from Trig Vintage, $12/each.)

Frozen Gin & Tonic
• 8 ounces gin
• 2 ounces tonic syrup
• 2 ounces simple syrup
• 3 dashes bitters
• 3 ounces fresh lime juice
• 4 cups ice cubes
• Lime wheels for garnish
Optional step for a slushier G&T: Combine gin, tonic syrup, simple syrup, bitters and lime juice in a resealable container and store in freezer for at least one hour. Pour gin mixture into blender, add ice, and blend. Pour or scoop into four glasses, garnish, and serve immediately.