A New Late-Night Dessert and Snack Delivery Service is Launching In Victoria

It’s called Iced Victoria and it’s essentially an ice cream truck for adults.

By Karin Olafson 


Sometimes you just crave ice cream. And sometimes you get those cravings after all the best local stores have closed for the evening.

With the launch of Iced Victoria, you’ll be able to get local ice cream (and soon, other snacks too) delivered to your door. Iced Victoria is an ice cream and snack delivery service that drops off treats at your door in one hour or less. The service is launching on Friday, November 3 and ice cream-loving locals can get local treats delivered between 6 p.m. and midnight.

According to Patrick Kelly, the business’ owner, Iced Victoria partnered with local businesses. Cold Comfort ice cream sandwiches and Parachute Ice Cream pints are on the menu, including dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan options. More local items will be added as additional local partnerships are made. 

Kelly says he saw a hidden demand for a late-night snack delivery service in Victoria. “It seemed obvious that this is something people would love,” says Kelly. “It’s almost like the ice cream truck coming to your house when you were a kid.”

For more information, visit icedvictoria.com.

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