3 Interior Design Trends For 2018

This year, watch for a major shift away from too much softness. Instead, think strong, as in strong colour, strong statements and strong textures. Go boldly into 2018!

By Lana Lounsbury

Trend #1: Sculptural statements


Make a statement in a traditional home with the Jason Mizrahi Loop Chair.

Statements aren’t just for wall colours or artwork — sculptural living-room chairs mark a resurgence in furnishings that are unique. First, look for clean architectural elements — with an overall interesting shape — over something with lots of applied pieces or materials. While “odd” is where it’s at, gaudy is never stylish. Second, choose something that stands apart from your existing furniture. For instance, if you have a lot of rustic or modern pieces, choose something more glam.

Trend #2: Saturated colours

Saturated colours are no longer just for toss cushions. We’re seeing deep, vibrant colours in upholstery, walls and built-in cabinetry. Immersion is the way to do the vivid look properly — so paint all the walls (and even the ceiling!) a deep shade of teal, or reupholster a big sectional in lipstick red. You can safely pair saturated pieces with transitional white walls and black accents. Black, the most saturated colour, looks fresh for accessory finishes, cabinetry and mouldings.

Trend #3: Smooth, glossy and glassy

DesignTrendsMetal Echo Table series with wood centres by Canadian architectural studio UUfie.

It’s all about gloss and glass for a smooth sparkle in accent tables. We’re even seeing the glossy trend in dining tables, which have previously been dominated by wood and texture. Metals, smooth ceramics and coloured glass are giving a clean, techie vibe to tables of all shapes and sizes. Think subtle, light and floating for smooth textures — you want to look for an ethereal piece that fits in everywhere rather than a cold, heavy item that dominates a room.

This article is from the January/February 2018 issue of YAM.