Local Entrepreneur Laura Lavender Specializes in Elegant Calligraphy

Laura Lavender’s businesses offers calligraphy services and classes in everything from chalk lettering to pointed-pen calligraphy. 

CalligraphyPhotograph by Jeffrey Bosdet.

While many of us received calligraphy sets as children, few have managed to turn this handcraft into a career like calligrapher, illustrator and designer Laura Lavender.

“In my twenties, I noticed there were lots of people offering their services for wedding work, and I knew I could do it too,” she says about launching her eponymous business in 2009.

Specializing in elegant calligraphy created with a pointed pen, she has since designed for greeting card companies, and lettered for big brands, book publishers and fashion designers.

Along with her calligraphy services, Lavender offers in-person workshops and online classes, including pointed-pen calligraphy, chalk lettering and wedding calligraphy.

“I really enjoy the fact that through my work and classes I’m keeping an old tradition alive,” she says. “Sometimes it feels like it’s soon to be extinct, but that said, there is a renaissance in all handcrafts, including the art of calligraphy.” 

For more information, visit lauralavender.com.

This article is from the July/August 2018 issue of YAM.