New Store: Biophilia

Biophilia is encouraging Victoria residents to bring the outdoors in.



Biophilia Design Collective’s new shop is an unexpected burst of green in The Fort Common. The landscape design company’s retail space combines genres, bringing together curated home décor and accessories with indoor and outdoor plants — there’s even a potting station. The aim of owners Bianca Bodley and Lindsay Mitchell is to help Victorians connect with nature by bringing the outdoors in.

“Visiting Biophilia Shop is not just about buying something pretty,” says Bodley. “Come and learn and ask questions. Stop by and you’ll learn about plants and also learn about beautiful building design.”

Shoppers can buy plants, as well as design-forward planters and accessories made by West Coast artists.  The shop also features workshops on plant care, kokedama (Japanese moss balls) and terrarium building. 

This article is from the November/December 2017 issue of YAM.