New Store: Michal Negrin at the Bay Centre

Michal Negrin moves into the old Teavana location at the Bay Centre and creates a relaxed and upscale shopping experience by offering a tea bar within the store.

By Athena McKenzie

Michal Negrin introduces a tea bar into its new location. Photograph by Belle White.


Along with perusing the uniquely ornate dresses and vintage-inspired handcrafted jewelry, shopping at the new Michal Negrin store at the Bay Centre includes lingering in its appealing atmosphere. When the fashion and lifestyle boutique moved into the old Teavana space on Fort Street, it added a tea shop and tea bar, so shoppers can enjoy tea while browsing.

“The concept of retail featuring food and drink is becoming more commonplace in Europe,” says owner Maya Ben-Dor. “Yet, as I far as I know, our boutique is the only one embodying this concept in the city and possibly in B.C.”

This article is from the November/December 2018 issue of YAM.