Japan-based designer Erina Kashihara created a luminous jellyfish-inspired dress from reclaimed ocean plastics for the Future Oceans Fashion Show at the Victoria International Marina.

“I decided to use jellyfish as my motif in the hope that the jellyfish can contribute to the sea of the future with its mysterious existence,” says Japan-based designer Erina Kashihara, who created this luminous jellyfish-inspired dress from reclaimed ocean plastics.

Kashihara was one of the international designers featured at the Future Oceans fashion show, a fundraiser for the Ocean Legacy Foundation, held at Victoria International Marina this summer to promote positive action toward healthier oceans.

Photographer: Kelly Hofer Photography

Designer: Erina Kashihara

Model: Wendy Nista

Makeup Artist: Elena Scott

Materials: Reclaimed ocean plastic, micro-plastics, 3D printed elements, recycled materials and technology.

This article is from the September/October 2019 issue of YAM.