Saveur Cocktail Recipe

The sun is out, it feels like Spring has finally arrived, and it’s almost Friday.

Bask in the sun this evening with this refreshing “Peninsula Punch” cocktail designed by the talented mixologists at Saveur.

The Peninsula Punch is an island kiwi focused drink; an intriguing cocktail riding on the freshness of cilantro, juiciness of local Saanich kiwis married together with zesty effervescence and balanced with gin.

• 2oz Kiwi Gin
• 2oz Kiwi Cilantro Shrub
• 2oz Soda
Stir over Ice

• 7 Kiwi skinned and chopped in 1L container
Top with gin, muddle, and leave for 3-4 days
Strain, then press remaining pulp through cheesecloth. 

(Base recipe; multiply base recipe for required amount.)
• 120 g kiwi peeled
• 30 g lime peel
• 15 g cilantro
• 120 g sugar
• 4oz white wine vinegar
Peel kiwi, and macerate with cilantro, lime peel (roughly peeled with pithe), and sugar until combine. Set aside in fridge for 3 days, stirring occasionally.

After 3 days, add vinegar and combine. Use a hand-held blender to roughly combine and macerate fruit, peel and herbs. Leave for 7 days.

Strain liquid, and press mixture through sieve (some pulp is okay).