Self Care for Sunny Days

Prep your body and face for warm-weather dressing

There’s nothing like those first warm, sunny days of the year, when you emerge from winter’s layers, a dull, dry, slightly unkempt version of your better self. Before slipping into summer’s body-baring sundresses, shorts and sandals, take time for a little self-care to make the transition beautiful, starting with these three smart moves.

Face It

Slough off what’s left of winter’s dull pallor with a facial or, at the very least, a face mask that exfoliates and rehydrates. A good facial whisks away accumulated dead skin cells, unclogs pores, removes built-up oil and dirt, moisturizes dry dermal layers, and generally leaves you with a brighter, smoother, well-hydrated complexion. 

Step It Up

After hibernating in boots and sneakers these past few months, your feet may be looking — and feeling — a little bit gnarly. Prep for sandal season with a pedicure that shapes your nails, buffs your calluses, soothes your cracked heels, moisturizes your flaky shins and generally makes your toes curl in pleasure. 

Also pleasing, both for fingers and toes? Today’s top-trending polishes and lacquers in nature-inspired greeny-grey sage.  

Sweat It Out

If you’ve been spending a little too much time sitting in front of your computer or TV, you may be feeling a bit sluggish and a lot achy. Work out the knots of too many hours bent over a keyboard with a massage or a trip to the sauna — or both! 

Saunas especially have many proven benefits, from releasing “feel-good” endorphins to improving circulation, reducing blood pressure and boosting muscle function. Handily, Victoria is undergoing something of a boomlet in saunas, including HAVN Saunas, Ritual Nordic Spa and the Wildwood Spas at Bilston Creek Farm. 

We can’t think of a more beautiful way to prepare for the summer days ahead.