Looking for your signature scent? Consider a visit to The Still Room Natural Perfumery in Oak Bay.

Stacey Moore, of Flore Botanical Alchemy, at The Still Room Natural Perfumery, where customers can experience the craft of creating perfumes. Photo by Belle White.

A collaboration between perfumers Stacey Moore of Flore Botanical Alchemy and Karen Van Dyck of K Van Dyck Parfum, The Still Room invites you to connect to the world of aromatics through education and deep exploration.

“By listening to our customers and noticing their body language when experiencing different scents, we are able to guide them to perfumes we think they will love,” Moore says.

Behind the counter of Still Room Perfumery with countless scent ingredients. Photo by Belle White.

“When we create a custom perfume, the questions are deeper, and we encourage our clients to be curious and explore scents they may not have considered.

There is not just one perfect perfume — there are many. Scent preferences are personal and relate to memory, emotions, ideas, dreams and desires. It is a vast territory and endlessly creative.”