You’ve heard of molecular gastronomy? One could say Victoria now has micro gastronomy. Chef Liam Quinn has evolved his popular lunch delivery service, Salt & Pepper Fox, by setting up shop in the teensy spot on lower Johnson Street made famous by Smoking Lily.


Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet

“People are definitely curious about the space,” Quinn says. “Some are a bit hesitant to come in because it’s so small, but once they’re in they realize it’s much roomier than you’d think.”
The grab-and-go lunch spot will feature a full menu, prepared at Salt & Pepper Fox’s commercial kitchen. From the Korean roast beef sandwich with kimchi to the soba noodle salad with togarashi crumbs, the meals typify Quinn’s commitment to fresh and unique flavours.

“It’s basically an extension of what we’ve been doing with the lunch delivery service,”
he says. “But now you don’t have to plan ahead. We’re there when you need lunch.”