Summer + Happy Hour = the perfect pairing

It’s patio season in Victoria, and with summer calling for lazy days relaxing with friends and family, there’s no better time to indulge in Happy Hour at local eateries.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the great happy hours in the city, featuring refreshing beverages and savoury appies. 

House of Boateng Cafe

Happy hour: Thursday-Saturday 3-5pm
Drink specials: $5 highballs, $5 beer, $7 house wine, $1 off Merridale cider, $7 shafts, 20% off bottled wine.
Food specials: $9 spiced nuts, $10 chef Castro’s exotic chips, $12 prawn shooters, $10 chicharrone, $13 preserved crudité, $6 Jamaican patties.

Glo Restaurant

Happy hour: 2- 5pm and after 9pm daily
Drink specials: A wide selection of cocktails, including $6.50 classic shaft, $5.50 highballs, $9 Moscow Mule, $7.50 sangria, $8 aperol spritz, $10 basil rhubarb collins, $10 coconut chili margarita
Food specials: $12 bacon prawns, $11 chicken quesadilla, $16 ahi tuna tataki, $14 Glo tacos, $13 flatbread pizzas, $13 chicken wings, $11 calamari, $6 truffle frites and more.

Photo: Glo Restaurant

Vista 18

Happy hour: 5pm-6pm until July 31, 3:30-6 pm from August 1 onwards
Drink specials: $6 local craft beer, $6 glasses of wine & prosecco, feature cocktails 
Food specials: $3 off the lounge dining menu beginning August 1

Spinnakers Brewpub

Happy hour: Monday-Friday, 2-5:30 PM
Drink specials: $6 Spinnakers Draft Pints, $16 Jugs/16, $8 Long Island Ice Tea/ $7 Classic Shaft, $6 White Wine-House Choice, $6 Red Wine-House Choice 
Food specials: $6 Kennebec fries, $8 Truffle fries, $8 popcorn chicken, $13 smoked chicken wings, $14 Wild Pacific fish cakes

The Snug Pub at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Happy hour: Monday-Friday 2-4pm
Drink specials: $5 Wine (Mission HIll Pinot Noir, Noble Ridge Chardonnay, Dirty Laundry Rosé), $5 Hoyne Vienna Lager, $7 Steamworks Nitro Strou, $5 Phillips Short Wave

Sherwood Restaurant & Bar

Happy hour: 4-6 nightly
Drink specials: $13 Aperol Spritz, $13 Laurentian, $14 E-Town mistake, wine, beer
Food specials: marinated olives, spiced nuts, asparagus saltimbocca, chicken confit lollipop. Sherwood owner Shane Devereux says their ‘appertivo’ promo “is like being in Italy where you order a drink and get a complimentary small bite.”

Photo: Sherwood

Villa Eyrie 

Happy hour: Monday-Friday 2-5 pm
Drink specials: $10 cocktails, $5 mocktails, ciders and coolers, $5 beer


Happy hour: Monday-Saturday, 3-6 pm
Drink specials: $5.95 house wines and highballs
Food specials: $12 blackened halibut, $10 Asian sticky ribs, $10 chicken tostados, $12 stuffed yorkshire pudding, $10 flatbread, $11 chicken satay, $11 popcorn shrimp, $11 calamari and $12 fish tacos

Photo credit: Courtney Room

The Courtney Room

Happy hour: weekdays: 4-6pm, weekends: 2-6pm
Drink specials: $10 classic cocktails, $8 wine from Rathjen Cellars or Quails Gate Rose, $5 feature draught beer 
Food specials: Fresh oysters $2.50 each,  $4 popcorn, $8 duck corndogs, $12 fried chicken and kimchi, $16 beef burger, $5 Kennebec fries, $16 cheese and charcuterie and more.

Boom + Batten

Happy hour: daily 2-5 pm, 8-10 pm
Drink specials: $7 peroni, $6 Phillips pilsner, $6 Hoyne dark matter, $7 Altopiano wine, $8 Mission Hill, $7 mimosa, $8 sangria, $8 aperol spritz, $8 Tommy’s margarita.
Food specials: $8 falafel, $10 hot chicken sandwich, $9 meatballs, $9 patatas bravas, $8 parmesan truffle frites, $9 szechuan broccolini, $11 margarita pizza, $6 marinated olives, $8 ahi tuna tataki and more.