It’s patio season in Victoria, and with summer calling for lazy days relaxing with friends and family, there’s no better time to indulge in Happy Hour at local eateries.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the great happy hours in the city, featuring refreshing beverages and savoury appies. 

House of Boateng Cafe

Happy hour: Thursday-Saturday 3-5pm
Drink specials: $5 highballs, $5 beer, $7 house wine, $1 off Merridale cider, $7 shafts, 20% off bottled wine.
Food specials: $9 spiced nuts, $10 chef Castro’s exotic chips, $12 prawn shooters, $10 chicharrone, $13 preserved crudité, $6 Jamaican patties.

Glo Restaurant

Happy hour: 2- 5pm and after 9pm daily
Drink specials: A wide selection of cocktails, including $6.50 classic shaft, $5.50 highballs, $9 Moscow Mule, $7.50 sangria, $8 aperol spritz, $10 basil rhubarb collins, $10 coconut chili margarita
Food specials: $12 bacon prawns, $11 chicken quesadilla, $16 ahi tuna tataki, $14 Glo tacos, $13 flatbread pizzas, $13 chicken wings, $11 calamari, $6 truffle frites and more.

Photo: Glo Restaurant

Vista 18

Happy hour: 5pm-6pm until July 31, 3:30-6 pm from August 1 onwards
Drink specials: $6 local craft beer, $6 glasses of wine & prosecco, feature cocktails 
Food specials: $3 off the lounge dining menu beginning August 1

Spinnakers Brewpub

Happy hour: Monday-Friday, 2-5:30 PM
Drink specials: $6 Spinnakers Draft Pints, $16 Jugs/16, $8 Long Island Ice Tea/ $7 Classic Shaft, $6 White Wine-House Choice, $6 Red Wine-House Choice 
Food specials: $6 Kennebec fries, $8 Truffle fries, $8 popcorn chicken, $13 smoked chicken wings, $14 Wild Pacific fish cakes

The Snug Pub at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel

Happy hour: Monday-Friday 2-4pm
Drink specials: $5 Wine (Mission HIll Pinot Noir, Noble Ridge Chardonnay, Dirty Laundry Rosé), $5 Hoyne Vienna Lager, $7 Steamworks Nitro Strou, $5 Phillips Short Wave

Sherwood Restaurant & Bar

Happy hour: 4-6 nightly
Drink specials: $13 Aperol Spritz, $13 Laurentian, $14 E-Town mistake, wine, beer
Food specials: marinated olives, spiced nuts, asparagus saltimbocca, chicken confit lollipop. Sherwood owner Shane Devereux says their ‘appertivo’ promo “is like being in Italy where you order a drink and get a complimentary small bite.”

Photo: Sherwood

Villa Eyrie 

Happy hour: Monday-Friday 2-5 pm
Drink specials: $10 cocktails, $5 mocktails, ciders and coolers, $5 beer


Happy hour: Monday-Saturday, 3-6 pm
Drink specials: $5.95 house wines and highballs
Food specials: $12 blackened halibut, $10 Asian sticky ribs, $10 chicken tostados, $12 stuffed yorkshire pudding, $10 flatbread, $11 chicken satay, $11 popcorn shrimp, $11 calamari and $12 fish tacos

Photo credit: Courtney Room

The Courtney Room

Happy hour: weekdays: 4-6pm, weekends: 2-6pm
Drink specials: $10 classic cocktails, $8 wine from Rathjen Cellars or Quails Gate Rose, $5 feature draught beer 
Food specials: Fresh oysters $2.50 each,  $4 popcorn, $8 duck corndogs, $12 fried chicken and kimchi, $16 beef burger, $5 Kennebec fries, $16 cheese and charcuterie and more.

Boom + Batten

Happy hour: daily 2-5 pm, 8-10 pm
Drink specials: $7 peroni, $6 Phillips pilsner, $6 Hoyne dark matter, $7 Altopiano wine, $8 Mission Hill, $7 mimosa, $8 sangria, $8 aperol spritz, $8 Tommy’s margarita.
Food specials: $8 falafel, $10 hot chicken sandwich, $9 meatballs, $9 patatas bravas, $8 parmesan truffle frites, $9 szechuan broccolini, $11 margarita pizza, $6 marinated olives, $8 ahi tuna tataki and more.