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Design on the edge - YAM Magazine Home Issue Mar/Apr 2023

Design on the Edge

Arthur Erickson designed the revolutionary Filberg House to save one man’s soul. Sixty-five years later, his masterpiece on the Comox Bluffs is worth saving, too.     Read more…

Comfort, Joy and a Bright New Future - YAM Holiday Issue Nov/Dec 2022

Creating Comfort

A thoughtful renovation transforms a family home from hospitalized space to a welcoming place of connection. Take a tour of this beautiful home. Read more…

Serene Spaces by the Seaside - YAM Sept/Oct 2022

Serene Spaces by the Seaside

Falling in love with the perfect waterfront property inspired local developers Chris Walker and Joan Gandza to build a new dream home that features a wine cellar, Austrian-built windows and doors, hot tub, and plunge pool. Read more…