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The Cake for Every Occasion - YAM Holiday Issue 2023

The Cake for Every Occasion

Cookies are fun, pie is satisfying, puddings are comforting and pastries are delightfully frivolous. But cake, now that means a party. Want to make your event stand out with almost no effort? We have a sweet solution for you.  Read more…

Cocktail Builder - YAM Nov/Dec 2023

Cocktail Builder

Find inspiration for your signature drink with these classic formulas. Go traditional, or use them to create something uniquely your own. Plus, check out our essential party checklist to make your shindig easy and fabulous! Read more…

THE CURATED CANAPÉ - YAM Holiday Issue 2023


When party season rolls around, it’s time to pull out the stops and celebrate. But beyond the bubbly and batch cocktails, guests need finger food, and that’s where chefs shine. We explore dozens of easy, elegant, chef-approved ideas for your next do.  Read more…

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