Do you have a graveyard of house plants? Do you feel like you may be cursed with a black thumb? You’re probably just making some common, rookie mistakes!

We all have the ability to grow healthy indoor plants; it really comes down to understanding the basics of plant care and listening to your plants when they show you what they need.

Bethany Garant of VI Plant Shop shares her tips for choosing and caring for houseplants. 

What recommendations do you have for plant newbies who want to start with something easy?

If you are new to keeping plants in your home, you may want to opt for sturdy plants that prefer to dry out between waterings. Low maintenance options like Snake Plants and ZZ Plants have the added benefit of being low-light tolerant.

What are the biggest mistakes people make with their plants? 

One of the most common issues I see with plant newbies is inconsistent watering habits (too much will result in root rot, and too little will leave your plant sad and limp). Getting on a once-weekly watering schedule will serve you well and keep most of your plants happy.

What trends have you noticed around demand for plants?

Of course, houseplants were popular before the pandemic, but with everyone spending more time at home, there has been an increased focus on making our spaces more beautiful and liveable. Plants can transform a space and instantly make it more inviting.

Though ‘it’ plants of years past such as as the monstera deliciosa and ficus lyrata continue to be very popular, folks are also branching out to other easy-care and appealing options like peperomia, hoyas, and philodendrons.

Do you have a favourite plant?

What a tough question! Currently, it is a three-way tie between my philodendron cordatum (these vines are taking over my living room), my aspidistra eliator (this was one of my first plants), and a wild tradescantia nanouk with a mind of its own. Sometimes we tend to covet rare or expensive plants, but I have a fondness for simple plants that communicate their needs clearly and can withstand a missed watering or two.

Tell us about the subscription box?

The VI Plant Subscription is a monthly box filled with plants, plant care items, and home accessories. Subscribers get to experience the joy of unboxing a new plant each month along with coordinating accessories and lifestyle items. We carefully select every item that is included in the box and we also include plant care instructions. We offer a pet-friendly option as well!