Ways to Practice Self-Care in Victoria

If you’ve been feeling a little more stress and anxiety lately, you’re not alone. It is perfectly understandable to be anxious with everything going on in the world. The counselors at Family Sparks, a locally based online mental-health support company, suggest leaning into your self-care a little harder than you might normally during this time.

“Focus on growing your resilience,” is the advice in their very helpful web post on Maintaining Your Mental Health During Covid-19. “While it can be tempting to leave the news on 24-7 for the latest updates and information, sometimes the constant stream of negativity and fear can do more harm than good. When you’ve learned what you need to know, and are starting to hear repetition or threatening messaging, or find it’s triggering your stress or anxiety, it’s time to unplug.”

These feelings of disquiet are becoming so prevalent, the World Health Organization recently shared general tips for dealing with anxiety by embracing self-care.

“We can feel mentally better if we are as physically well as possible,” says Aiysha Malik, a psychologist with the World Health Organization, during a recent press conference. 

Her tips include:
Healthy eating;
Staying physically active;
Getting regular sleep and rest;
Creating a sense of structure and routine in daily life; and
Connecting socially with friends and family, while maintaining physical distance. 

Luckily, there are local options here in Victoria to help you practice self-care.

  • Try an online workout. Local fitness studios, such as Moksana Yoga Centre, Orange Theory Victoria and Performance and Passion are offering online classes. Get moving! 
  • Add routine and structure through scheduled online workshops. KWENCH has launched The Craic, a series of live and interactive video calls featuring workshops and how-tos, as well as general fun from a diverse range of hosts around the world.
  • Nurture your social connections — digitally and by giving a helping hand. Arrange a gourmet grocery delivery from Charelli’s or a fresh and healthy family meal from Truffles Catering for a vulnerable or elderly neighbour — or send a chocolate pick-me-up with Rock Coast’s special Spread Love package. Consider signing up for the AGGV’s new program Listener-in-Residence: Phoning Seniors Together, and connect with a senior from Luther Court who is looking for conversation. 
  • Create a holistic self-care ritual. Try some of the soothing bath and body products from Sapphire Day Spa‘s boutique.
  • Take in art and culture. Hermann’s Jazz Club will be live streaming performances on Facebook. Island Blue has pickup and delivery so you can order supplies for an art project. The Avenue Gallery is sharing their collections online and offering private one-on-one appointments. Or for a hit of natural history, the Royal BC Museum has launched their RBCM@Home program, which includes videos, talks with curators and more.

Remember, if you feel like you can’t cope, there are still ways to get professional help. FamilySparks, like many other counsellors, can conduct digital sessions, via video chat, online chat or phone.