What Artists Bring to the Table: Free Art & Food Events by the AGGV Aug-Nov 2019

The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria presents a new series exploring the artistic practices of cultivating and cooking food with What Artists Bring to the Table.  Part of the AGGV’s OFFSITE | INSIGHT programming, the free, Sunday afternoon food series runs monthly through to November at the Oaklands Community Centre.

Each month, the event will feature two components: a hands-on workshop, where participants will work with the artist to make a food product, and a discussion, where participants will have a larger conversation about food while sampling the food from the workshop.

On Sunday, Aug. 4 from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m., T’Souke based artist Alexis Hogan draws upon her work in the immersive and relational elements of social practice by using specific foods as thematic, affective prompts for storytelling.  During the gathering the artist will introduce key ingredients by sharing some of their histories, cultural mythologies and symbolism.

As guests enjoy specially prepared items, the group will tell stories that illustrate the ingredient’s assigned theme.  Themes paired with dishes include Himalayan blackberry coulis and “origin stories”; rhubarb custard pots and “medicine & poison”; strawberries and “travel”; and lavender infused lemonade and “stories we tell to calm ourselves”.

On Sunday Sept.1, join Vancouver-based artists Derya Akay, Vivienne Bessette, and Kurtis Wilson as they explore the table as a practice. During their workshop and discussion, the three artists will investigate ideas of (semi)permaculture, (self)sustainability and unconventionally sourced materials, implemented in alternative means of production of food.

Join artist and garden farmer Elisa Rathje on Sunday, Oct. 6, for apple-pressing on a century-old cider press using apples harvested from Appleturnover, her 1½ acre 1895 Salt Spring apple orchard turned food forest and micro-silvopasture. During the discussion, Rathje will explore ways in which participants can start to transition to simple living and “radical home & local economies” in an era of ecological crisis and energy descent.

Explore the variety and creativity the preservation offers through pickling veggies, while learning the history of fermenting foods with Victoria-based artist Samantha Radons on Sunday Nov. 3.

The events take place at the Oaklands Community Centre, 2827 Belmont Ave. in Victoria. What Artists Bring to the Table is a free series offered by the AGGV, registration is required at: https://aggv.ca/what-artists-bring-to-the-table/

This news release was received on July 26, 2019.