YAM magazine staff share their top Victoria tracks for our ultimate summer playlist. 


Track #1: Dust & Bones by The Fortune Killers (formerly Isobel Trigger)

“Being a writer, I love great lyrics. With its catchy and slightly psychedelic vibe, this song is poetry with a melody.” — Kerry Slavens 


Track #2: P Stands for Paddy by Black Angus

“To bring a little West Coast Celtic to the mix.” — Georgina Camilleri


Track #3: Bandages by Hot Hot Heat

“An oldie but a goodie, this tune is playful and more than a little unhinged.” — Janice Hildybrant


Track #4: Runner by Jon and Roy

“It’s impossible to pick one favourite track from these guys. There is rarely a situation that their music doesn’t improve. They celebrate living on the West Coast and their songs are riddled with references to our city.” — Jeffrey Bosdet 


Track #5: Long Way From Home by Carmanah

“As an East Coast transplant who moved here for love, I can relate to the lyrics.” — Athena McKenzie  

Track #6: I Should Be Born by Jets Overhead

“It’s smooth and hypnotic, and it reminds me of PJ Harvey’s Down by the Water, in an odd sort of way.” — Jo-Ann Loro


Track #7: Too Cold by Current Swell

“I saw them a few years ago down at Ogden Point and danced outside and just loved this song.” — Janine Metcalfe


Track #8: Heading for Nowhere by Jets Overhead

“I really like this group and I love this song! It’s a great tune and very catchy.” — Sharon Davies 


Track #9: Red Hot by Bill Johnson

“Johnson is well known on the island’s blues circuit. I’ve seen him a few times at Blues Bash here and in Nanaimo — and also up close at a house concert.” — Deana Brown


This article is from the May/June 2018 issue of YAM.