5 Great Places to Celebrate National Hamburger Day

Who doesn’t love a burger? May 28 is National Hamburger Day, and whether your preference is beef, chicken or vegetarian patties, topped with cheese, bacon or a fried egg, Victoria has plenty of joints to satisfy your craving. Here are five to try.

5 Great Places to Celebrate National Hamburger Day
Big Wheel Burger is a local favourite, with five shops, including its original Cook Street location. Photo: Kristine Wilkinson

Bin 4 Burger Lounge

Located in Saanich, Downtown Victoria and Goldstream, Bin 4 has an eclectic menu, offering everything from fried tofu to lamb to ahi tuna burgers. After 9 p.m., all burgers are half-off with the purchase of a drink.

Big Wheel Burger

As Canada’s first carbon-neutral fast-food restaurant, using only grass-fed beef with no added hormones, GMOs or steroids, you can feel good about eating at Big Wheel. Their menu is simple with classics like double and single cheeseburgers, and vegan and vegetarian options, like Nashville chickpea or yam and black bean burgers.

Burger Crush

Designed after no-frills burger shops from the 1980s, Burger Crush has a small yet delicious menu with three burger options — classic beef, vegan and veggie-style. Wash down your burger with one of their chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, orange or root beer milkshakes, all of which can be made for vegan folks with coconut milk ice cream.

Deadbeetz Burgers

Deadbeetz Burgers, best known for their purple food trucks seen often at farmers’ markets, also have a sit-down location in Oak Bay. Menu options range from mouthwatering beef to equally tasty vegetarian cashew chickpea and vegan quinoa burgers.

5 Great Places to Celebrate National Hamburger Day
A perennial favourite — the Beetrice Burger from the Deadbeetz food truck. Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet.

Beacon Drive-In

In operation since 1958, Beacon Drive-In is a Victoria staple. Known for holding Victoria’s Best Ice Cream title 28 years in a row, Beacon also sells a plethora of food, snacks and desserts, including burgers costing as little as $6.90 before tax.