Boom Boxes Create Urban Gardens

By Athena McKenzie

When Jordan Glowicki moved from a Salt Spring Island acreage to a condo in Victoria, there was one thing she couldn’t duplicate in her new urban space — her beloved garden. This inspired Glowicki, a certified organic master gardener, to create a garden box that would work for her new home and for other city dwellers.

Her Boom Boxes are instant gardens for non-gardeners. Each handmade cedar box comes fully planted using organic soil and organic fertilizer, and the plantings can be tailored to a customer’s needs.

“Our city has lots of fantastic community gardens, but it’s just a start; it’s not enough,” Glowicki says. “Just look up at all the bare balconies. This is square footage you have paid for, so use it — and why not grow food you can eat and enjoy with friends and family?”  b

This article is from the July/August 2019 issue of YAM.