Artisan Fragrances Inspired By British Columbia Locations

Wear a synthetic-free fragrance from Cowichan Bay’s Wild Coast Perfumery and be transported to different areas around beautiful BC.  

To fully understand the West Coast appeal of Cowichan Bay’s Wild Coast Perfumery’s scents, consider that each perfume is made with a wild Island component. Perfumer Laurie Arbuthnot blends plant-based essential oils with tinctures made from needles, leaves, flowers, lichen, fungi and moss harvested from Island forests.

Each authentically local, synthetic-free, artisan fragrance is inspired by a British Columbia location as Arbuthnot conjures a sense of place using scent.

“Our Sunshine Coast eau de parfum is inspired by the beauty and wildness of the Sunshine Coast’s shoreline,” Arbuthnot says. “Green and citrus top notes of neroli, tangerine, geranium and bergamot, dry down to the more woodsy and earth notes of vetiver, amyris and cedar.” 

This article is from the May/June 2018 issue of YAM.