Dressing Up Your Summer

During the pandemic, the self-expression and creativity involved in putting together an outfit has been lost to the tedium of the athleisure uniform for many.

Mood and clothing are intricately connected, according to Carolyn Mair, a behavioral psychologist and the author of “The Psychology of Fashion.” Our appearance is very much dependent on what we choose to wear.

For myself, selecting an outfit in the morning is a routine and an event to look forward to. Prior to the pandemic, I enjoyed waking up early to “curate” an outfit for the day. These days, I find myself occasionally using an odd Zoom Meeting or a patio date as an excuse to dress up.

Getting dressed up is a routine that grounds me and makes me feel like myself again; it’s a tether to my identity, which is why I’m making it a priority for Spring and Summer. Fashion is wearable art as well as kind of armour.

While there aren’t any formal gatherings to attend in the near future, you can wear these chic yet comfortable looks on the patio, in a Zoom meeting, taking a stroll on the beach, or in your backyard. 

These looks from Hughes are versatile, timeless and buildable.

Sleek Maxis

What is so unique about a maxi dress? It’s versatile. Maxi length is elegant and fantastic for a night out or for casual gatherings, paired under a blazer for Zoom meetings, summer parties and many other events. It’s also flattering on every body type.

You can never go wrong with a long Spring/Summer dress. It can be worn to the beach during hot days, or you can pair it with a stylish leather or denim jacket if it’s cool. It can be boho, backless, retro or sporty. 

It’s a chic, easy option that’s easy to slip on with sneakers and heels alike.

Sarah Pacini from Belgium linen dress. Available in light blue. You’ll want to live in this dress all summer. Either put sneakers with it or a pair of easy flats. You’ll be wanting this in both colours. Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet.
Peruzzi from Italy techno fabric dress. Anne Marie Chagnion necklace. This dress has pockets with a slight ballon shaped bottom and scalloped neck line. Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet.
Sarah Pacini Cayenne Dress. Gorgeous jersey fabric. Easy to wear and oh so comfortable. Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet.

Easy Streetwear

This season’s patterns are brimming with personality and exuberant detail.
Tropical patterns are on the rise, with Versace showcasing vacation styles, exotic botanicals and Eastern flora; a destination inspired pattern. 60’s and 70’s references abound in the vintage prints.

Marc Cain jungle print blouse, black jeans. These are all great wardrobe pieces, they make an amazing outfit but can work with all your other items. Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet.

If you’re still in the mood for comfy, luxe loungewear – an updated and classic, nautical inspired take on athleisure – look no further.

Joeffer Caoc from Toronto, marine inspired jacket with a jersey pant and Crea from France lightweight knit. This is an ultimate comfort yet chic ensemble. Whether you’re out on the boat or walking down Oak Bay ave. Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet.

Let these looks inspire you and have fun with Spring fashion – add some colour and enjoy!