In this Together: Pandemic Portraits

The past two months have been a roller coaster of emotions and change around the world. Here in Victoria, we’ve adjusted to the enormous ramifications of a global pandemic, and the resulting stay-at-home health directive.

Dr. Bonnie Henry said, “This is not forever, this is just for now. ” And we wanted to capture the “now,” through the eyes of the people living it — you, our readers. We put out the call for photos that best represented your pandemic life. The response was wonderful. From baking to home school to formal happy hours — and even a wedding — these glimpses into our community form our photographic time capsule. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

  1. “Laundry in Covid Times.” By Helene Demers
  2. “Quarantine Coiffure: I will not trim my own bangs. I will not trim my own bangs. I will not trim my own bangs.” By Jennifer Aikman
  3. “No more bought bread in this house! The pandemic has reawakened my love of bread and cinnamon bun baking.” By Kathy Staton
  4. “I am a local musician, and like everyone, all of my public activities were cancelled due to the pandemic. As a way of adapting and connecting musically with people under the circumstances, I’ve offered live-streaming concerts and compiled a music video of people dancing at home in quarantine. This is [a screenshot of ] me rehearsing on my balcony for my first live-streaming concert.” By Matt Stern
  5. “Most of my creativity for the past 50 years has been in theatre. Of course, now most of the theatre work has been suspended for the time being. So I decided to revive a creative passion from when I was seven years old: drawing and painting. My latest piece of artwork is pictured here; it is a portrait of Frida Kahlo, done with felt pen.” By Wendy Merk
  6. “Bigleaf Maple blossom fritters made from trees in my back yard — hearts going out to all the world in love.” By Gloria Egeli
  7. “As a wedding planner, I’ve had to think outside the box to help make couples’ dreams come true, and this was the perfect opportunity to do that! In this photo you will see Reay (florist) FaceTiming with the groom’s parents, Megan (venue coordinator at HCP Gardens) taking a video for the couple to share, Sam and Jesse (our couple), and Amanda (celebrant).” By Radhika Graham
  8. “I took the time over the past eight weeks to enjoy nature. Hiking was part of my weekend routine and it helped me stay healthy and positive.” By Nancy Prevost-Maurice
  9. “Isolation, struggle, growth and hope! This small flower noticed during one of my many walks summarizes my feelings and experience at this challenging time.” By Reesa Vermeulen
  10. “Hanging out with a friend.” By Simmi Behal
  11. Pandemic Portrait. By Carmen Dennis
  12. “This is a picture of my seven year old, literally climbing the walls of our house. House is a mess, vacuum out, dishwasher door open, cushions all around, Dad probably in the middle of some video call. It’s funny, and real, and what makes moms want to pull their hair out!” By Tonia D’Introno
  13. “I’m happy to share my quarantine experience with you. I am a painting grandmother living in James Bay.” By Gloria Meek
  14. “My job shut down on March 17th to the public but we’ve been working inside running all the programs and administrative stuff. I wore this so that people would get it that I didn’t want them breathing near me.” By Margaret McCormack
  15. “This is my station. And by station, I mean office. And by office, I mean where I’ve spent every Monday to Friday — barring holidays, of course — 9:30 to 3:00ish, teaching literature, socials, mental health wellness, public speaking, and — wait for it — drama, to my high school students since ‘new school’ began. Yes, I have a regular desk for grading work, prepping future classes, writing emails, and general staring out the window, but the piano provides the perfect height to capture my daily virtual lessons as I perch on the bench … And truth be told, as I lead lessons, answer questions, connect with students, take part in staff meetings, and struggle with technology all from my station, I secretly feel somewhat like an eminent pianist, arranging my newest medley.” By Brooke Rose
  16. “I have been undertaking photo projects and when I saw the story about laundering your bills, I could not resist.” By Bill Fosdick
  17. “Our fourth grandchild Ocean was born on January 13, 2020. We are so lucky they are living with us during this strange and difficult time. I decided it was a perfect time to make her Christmas stocking!” By Suzanne Bulmer
  18. “My husband and I started posting on Facebook to get together with friends for Happy Hour on Friday. It has been a delight to get comments, jokes and images in return … Each week we dress up … Playing and connecting with friends is the highlight of our week. Looking forward to next Friday.” By April Bending
  19. “I do miss sitting alongside colleagues.To ground myself, I go for walks often and have happily discovered new plants and flowers along the way. I had been trying for a few days to get out to the Cedar Hill Golf Course to see my fav spot for Camas but sadly the trails were too busy for me to use. Eventually though, the lilies found me at my fav hilltop lookout. What a lovely surprise they were. Felt a little less lonely for a moment.” By Jocelyn Russell
  20. “My children, Arlan (five), and Ellie (three), sitting on our kitchen counter playing with a fresh batch of homemade play dough. We have spent many mornings crafting together — some more successfully than others! — thanks to weekly craft supply drop-offs from our amazing playschool owner.” By Tegan McMartin