This summer, enjoy thirst-quenching fizz without the buzz, thanks to these local producers.

New cans for the cooler- Jul/Aug 2023

On a sunny afternoon, nothing beats a cool one on the patio or at the campground. Now you can have your hoppy IPA or craft cider and skip the alcohol this summer with some killer craft bevvies from local makers and retailers.

At the Fernwood General Store, the fridge is filled with soft selections, including the latest alcohol-free options from local Moon Under Water Brewery and Valley Cider Co.

Dry Side of the Moon non-alcoholic Pilsner and IPA, both made with Island-grown malted barley, come with loads of craft character. 

New cans for the cooler- Jul/Aug 2023
Dry Dry Side of the Moon IPA.

If bubbles are more your style, Valley Cider Co. has designed some nice NA choices. Their Modern Sparkle fizzy waters have no sugar, calories or alcohol, but come in flavours like Blackberry Gin, Mango Vino and Rum Cola. And their Modern Soda, an adult soft cider collection, includes Love Potion, flavoured with rose petals, lavender and damiana; Hoppity, made with Crystal hops; and Citrus Soda with essences of grapefruit, lemon and bitter orange. 

Spinnakers has a line of flavoured sparkling mineral waters, drawn from their own underground aquifer, and two premium quinine-forward tonic waters (one dyed purple with pea flowers) to mix or drink solo. Or try the zero-calorie and sugar OPUS canned cocktails — Peach Bellini, Aperitivo Spritz or G&T — all from Liquid Intelligence in Vancouver.

Other city retailers are boosting their NA selections, too. Check out the shelves at The Market Garden, Cold Comfort ice cream shop and Charelli’s deli. Or try, a Victoria-based online store with a variety of unique non-alcoholic drinks, including dealcoholized wines and bitter amaro-based Italian sodas, for pickup or free delivery throughout Greater Victoria.