Pin It On

On December 1, Idar brings back Victoria’s prettiest holiday tradition.

Pin it On - Idar YAM Nov/Dec 2023

Each year since 1998, Idar Bergseth Designs has released an exclusive holiday-themed pin, and collectors and gift-givers alike can hardly wait to see what 2023’s theme will be.

Twenty-five years ago, that first pin was a sweet little snowflake, designed for “a (very) young man who wanted to get a gift for his mother for Christmas,” says Lance Glenn, Idar’s design consultant. Among the designs they’ve added since then: a wreath in 1999, a peace dove in 2001 and again in 2021, a pair of mittens in 2018, a holly sprig last year.

“All of the pins have a different story behind the inspiration, and we always have a lot of fun figuring out what to do for next year,” says Glenn. “The yearly tradition has gained popularity, with people coming back every year eager to add the latest pin to their collection.” 

The pewter pins are small and subtle, and cost only $20 with partial proceeds going to the British Columbia Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. (Idar does produce a few pricier versions in silver and gold, though.)

And there’s no sneak peeking. The 2023 pin will be released on December 1 and not before, “as is our tradition,” Glenn says. “You’ll have to wait to see!” 

Look for the reveal @idarjewellers on Facebook and Instagram.