Tips For the Best Wedding Bouquets

Make a statement with your wedding flowers.

WeddingsBouquet1PHOTO: Adrian Cotiga/Stocksy

Forget shy, blush colours. This year, go big and bold with your bridal bouquet. Bright, vibrant colours are trending, so opt for spider chrysanthemums, sunflowers or celosia for summery yellows and oranges, or iris and delphinium for moody blues.

Bouquets made up of big blooms, like peonies, hydrangeas and ranunculus are also popular this year. Group them with the muted green and ethereal tones found in soft grasses, eucalyptus or succulents to make the blooms really pop.

Or, make your entire bouquet out of succulents. Succulents can replace flowers in your wedding bouquet (as well as in corsages, boutonnieres and centrepieces) and using them will mean your bouquet will last much longer than a traditional one. Keep memories alive afterwards by planting your succulents.

Prefer to wear your bouquet? Adding florals to your outfit is still on trend this year. But while flower crowns were trendy in 2017, they’re not going to be as big in 2018. Instead, consider a delicate flower bracelet made using small flowers like baby’s breath and roses. For something eye-catching, wear a flower necklace made with large roses or peonies as a statement piece.

Floral Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do be flexible when it comes to your bouquet. Your florist might not be able to find your favourite flower or you might be limited by what’s in season. To avoid disappointment, have a few backup options.

2. Don’t forget to check a flower’s scent before you commit. Flowers like lilies or wisteria could be overpowering in a small space and can clash scent-wise if grouped in one bouquet.

3. Do your research about bouquet costs ahead of time to make sure your dream florals won’t upset the balance of your wedding budget!

This article is from the January/February 2018 issue of YAM.