Victoria Isolation Diaries: Ian Locke

Locals share what they’re doing during the COVID-19 pandemic and talk about their worries, habits and hopes.

A musician, producer and artist, Ian Locke is the creative director at the Downtown Duncan BIA. He is isolating in his apartment in Victoria’s Chinatown.

“I currently share my apartment with my friend and roommate Brodie,” he says. 

What has been the biggest change for you since COVID hit?

The biggest change for me has actually been where I live. COVID hit right as my relationship with my partner ended and I had to move all of my things out of my apartment in Duncan back to my place in Victoria. It was a significant challenge to achieve that while respecting all of the social distancing guidelines. I took the time to put a fresh coat of paint and fix up a few things which really helped keep me busy and kept my mind off of much of the chaos.

What does your typical day look like?

I am very fortunate to still be working full time from home so my day usually starts with a staff meeting to set the daily agenda, then, a little stretching and an at-home workout before getting down to business.

After work, I make some dinner and hang out with my roommate where we either work on little projects around the house or talk about how to take over the music scene in Victoria once this is all over.

What are you most worried about?

I’m actually most worried that we will in fact go back to the way things were before and that we will not have learned what we really need to from the interruption which was forced upon us. This pandemic has really exposed some of the major flaws in our way of life like underpaid workers who’ve now become an essential lifeline to maintain our societal structure and the unsustainable rent prices most people face.

How do you de-stress?

Pour a glass of wine, maybe two, and try to work on some new songs I’ve been dreaming up for a new release sometime later this year.

What have you been reading/watching/listening to?

I took a trip down memory lane and decided to re-watch the entirety of Star Trek Voyager, a favourite from my childhood. I’ve also been enjoying plenty of cooking shows on YouTube and have even made a few attempts at making some meal tutorial videos myself. For music, the current playlists vary quite widely throughout the day. I try to spend some time discovering new artists, as well as indulging in some of the music that has had a huge influence on me as an artist. Also though, I’ve been on a huge 90’s shoegaze kick which may or may not be a hint about some of those new songs I’ve been working on. As far as reading goes I’ve been trying to make it through The Prince by Machiavelli.

Have you rediscovered any hobbies?

Not really, to be honest, most of my hobbies are also a big part of the work I do.

Is there anything from this time you hope carries forward when this is over? 

I really hope that people can remember that when our worlds were shut down the first place we all turned to was the arts. Let us not forget the musicians, filmmakers, writers, and content creators that made the things that filled our days and gave us solace during such an uncertain time. Also, economic stimulus. I really hope that the success of programs like the CERB will lead to a future where Universal Basic Income could be a reality.