Photo by Jeffrey Bosdet

Partners Tim Siebert and Jessa Gildersleeve are fascinated by the idea of escapism. Their tropical cocktail bar Citrus & Cane — which Siebert calls a “labour of love” — explores this concept.

“We wanted to create a tropical environment, something very different from what is currently on offer in town,” Siebert says of the space, which was formerly the Copper Owl. “The room already had some incredible details, and it was important that we honoured those while still adding our own personality to the space … We believe we ended up with an incredible mélange of Art Deco, tropical and lounge.”

The pair say tropical cocktails are often misunderstood, perceived as overly sweet and cheap. Their creations, made with housemade syrups, freshly squeezed juices and quality spirits aim to inspire a new appreciation.

“Jessa and I love Piña Coladas, so we started there,” he says. “ It’s a reminder that drinking is supposed to be fun and relaxing. It transports the drinker to their last summer holiday, bringing up happy memories. It’s sweet and delicious — in a guilty pleasure kinda way — and when it’s made well, it’s a fantastic cocktail.”

Click here for the recipe for their Like A Lotus mocktail.