Mind, Body, Soul: 5 trends for a new, more mindful approach to wellness

Mind, Body, Soul: 5 trends for a new, more mindful approach to wellness - YAM Sept/Oct 2023
Blume Reishi Hot Cocao.

1. Adaptogenic Drinks

These days we want our beverages to do more than hydrate. We’re seeking out drinks that have additional wellness benefits from ingredients that claim to improve gut health, emotional well-being, nutritional optimization and/or sleep quality — but without the potentially negative side effects of caffeine or alcohol.

Try: Vancouver-based Blume Superfood Lattes

2. Full-day Spa Rituals

Pausing between Zoom calls to anxiously attack your worry lines with a facial roller is so 2022. Now it’s all about the long, relaxing, rejuvenating spa experience. That could mean spending a leisurely afternoon at the HAVN floating sauna, remodelling your bathroom to create a spa experience at home or adding treatments to your next massage or facial. 

Try:  A destination spa with stunning views like the one at Villa Eyrie Resort on the Malahat.

3. Micro Workouts

Skip the long hours sweating at the gym (unless, of course, that’s your jam) and try micro-workouts throughout your day instead. According to the World Health Organization, even 15 minutes of low-to-moderate intensity exercise, twice a day, five days a week, is beneficial to both physical and mental well-being. 

Try:  A brisk walk or some energetic housework.

4. Sleep Syncing

Ahh, sleep. So beneficial in so many ways, yet so elusive. Enter sleep syncing, which tunes your sleep cycle with your circadian rhythm, just like nature intended. It starts with good sleep hygiene — shutting off devices, making your room dark and cool — and continues with setting a proper sleep schedule, and sticking to it. 

Try:  Sleep-tracking apps like Sleep Cycle or Oura.

5. Connecting with Nature

Forest bathing was just the start. We all know that being in nature has proven benefits for body and soul. Now we are looking to the natural world for everything from body-care products to plant-based diets to holistic supplements. The hottest trend may well be plants that improve cognition — known as nootropics — such as certain mushrooms. 

Try: Mood-boosting (and delicious) lion’s mane mushrooms, available through Foragers Galley.