Today Denim Breathes New Life into Vintage Jeans

Today Denim began when stylist Mariel Aileen and photographer Berkley Vopnfjörð started thrifting and creating their own perfect pairs of jeans using second-hand denim and they realized they had a product that was in demand.

Photo by Berkley Vopnfjörð

“The vintage jeans look is something so many people want, but it’s so hard to find anything that actually fits properly,” Vopnfjörð says.

The two friends started Today Denim out of a studio in Quadra Village. In the beginning, the pair worked one-on-one with clients to create perfectly fitting custom jeans from vintage, thrifted or second-hand denim. Now the pair is stepping back from fittings and rebuilds to focus on special collections recreated from recycled denim.

Photo by Berkley Vopnfjörð

“We don’t use any new material — and even the buttons and pockets are reclaimed.

– Today Denim

“The fashion industry in general and denim are such pollutants to our environment,” Rotherham says. “And the quality of the vintage denim is amazing. This year we’re creating hats and bags out of all of our scraps. We don’t use any new material — and even the buttons and pockets are reclaimed.”

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