10 Tips for Great Guest Rooms

Before friends and family arrive for the festive season, create a space that makes them really feel welcome.

10tips for great guest rooms - YAM Magazine Holiday Issue 2023

1. Provide a comfortable mattress, choice of pillows, cozy comforter, nice bed linens, extra blankets and good-quality towels. 

2. Clean out space in the closet and/or dresser for your guests’ clothes, and provide a small table, bench or luggage rack for their suitcases. 

3. Keep décor clean, simple and clutter-free — but remember that fresh flowers are always welcome.

4. Provide a place to sit that’s not the bed; ideally, a comfy chair and a table or desk. 

5. Let there be light — for reading and putting on makeup — but not too much light. Choose window coverings that ensure privacy.

6. Create a snack station with a kettle, teabags, cups and a basket of goodies. 

7. Set up a small TV set with bedside remote and/or assemble a small library of popular mystery novels, travel guides or magazines.
(May we suggest YAM?) 

8. Create a charging station with a universal charger and write your Wi-Fi password on a card placed on the nightstand or taped to the back of the guest-room door.

9. Provide a basket of mini-toiletries in case any were forgotten. 

10. Supply a set of keys to your house, as well as your contact info, local emergency numbers and the code to your security system if you have one.