Blimey, Limey!

From left, Lee and Jules Taschereau offer all our favourite British treats at Limey. Photo By: Jeffrey Bosdet.

Sweets and snacks to savour from across the pond.

Seeking the perfect nosh for your next BritBox binge? Look no further than the new Limey, The British Shop on Store Street, a literal candy store of British delights.

This is the second Limey location for owner Jules Taschereau. In 2009, she moved from Hampshire in the U.K. to Kelowna, where she opened the first Limey store in 2020.

Limey, Taschereau says, refers to the lime juice British sailors were once fed to ward off scurvy. But she’s playing up the pejorative for all it’s worth — the lime-green décor, complete with a portrait of Winston Churchill in a punkish chartreuse mohawk, sets the store’s cheeky style.

Food is the focus, with lots of U.K. candy and snacks (all things Cadbury along with Bird’s Custard trifle kits and Jaffa Cakes), a shelf of savoury stuff (think Heinz Salad Cream or canned mac and cheese), jars of clotted cream and a freezer stocked with meat pies, sausage rolls, British bangers and Sidney Scones.

The only conundrum is choosing the perfect pairing for your favourite show — after all, there are 800 items to consider.

I’m thinking cheese-and-onion Tato crisps and Jaffa Cakes with The IT Crowd, a steak pie pub lunch for Coronation Street, an Escape to the Country with Bakewell tarts, Cornish pasties and a splash of Henderson’s Relish from Sheffield. And for a spot of Irish craic, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, there’s Batchelor’s canned Irish peas and Barry’s tea. Blimey!