Cleaner Body Care

Soaps and scrubs as gentle on the planet as they are your skin. 

Bear & Joey Scrubs

When Peter and Stephanie Wood, owners of Bear & Joey Café, found themselves with time — and a bunch of leftover coffee grounds — on their hands during COVID, they used it to create a body scrub. “It’s a way to upcycle and repurpose something that was destined for the bin,” Peter says. 

The vegan-friendly and cruelty-free scrubs are made from dehydrated coffee grounds, organic coconut oil and essential oils, and are just the first products in the newly launched Bear & Joey Cosmetics line. 

Beba Botanica

The second is a soap, which is being made by Barbara Marengo, founder of Beba Botanica. She makes gorgeous Earth-and-people-friendly soaps and shampoo bars, inspired by her young son who reacted badly to chemicals in commercial soaps. 

All of these products are sustainable, beautifully scented and, most importantly, effective. As Peter Wood says: “If we’re going to do anything, we want to make sure it’s brilliant.”